Model 446

5kV @ 20mA AC Hipot, 6kV @ 5mA DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, 40A AC Ground Bond Tester, CE Listed

Our 446 model is a 4-in-1 tester with AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, and Ground Bond capabilities. This tester features a simple design and easy-to-use interface, reducing setup time and increasing production-line throughput for your application. The 446 is equipped with multiple memories and an optional USB port for remote BUS communication so you can quickly perform tests on a variety of DUTs from the front panel or with a PC. Add to user safety by equipping your tester with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) via the built-in safety interlock.
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  AC Hipot DC Hipot Insulation Resistance 40A Ground Bond  
Model 446  
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Hipot  / Ground Bond Testers come with all of the accessories you need to run a test right out of the box. 

  • 33189 Power Cord (10A)
  • 99-10783-01 Fuse
  • 38075 Interlock Connector
  • 40428 Ground Bond Test Lead
  • 40429 Ground Bond Return Lead
  • 04040A-08 High Voltage Lead
  • 99-10797-01 USB Cable

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