Safety isn’t complicated and your electrical safety tester shouldn’t be either. Explore the most intuitive testers on the market.

290 Series

With the SCI 290 Hipot Series, we set out to make testing simpler than ever before. We also understand that an easy-to-use tester doesn't do you any good if it is not rugged, lightweight and durable. The 290 series gives you the best of both worlds. You will wonder how you ever tested without it.


Test Setup Memories Frequency Selection Ramp Dwell Low Current Sense No Load Setup PLC Remote USB Safety Agency Listed

260 Series

Our 260 Series makes Ground Bond testing simple. We offer two simple and easy-to-use Ground Bond testers that provide the output current you need to satisfy NRTL specifications. With an intuitive interface that allows you to set-up a test in seconds and practical security settings, our 260 Series can easily be deployed in both laboratory and production line environments.


Test Setup Memories Frequency Selection Ramp Dwell Regulated Output PLC Remote.svg USB Safety Agency Listed