Hipot Testers

The Hipot test is used to stress a product’s insulation with high voltage in order to ensure it will limit the flow of electric current should a fault occur. Our complete line of AC, DC and 500 VA Hipot testers allows you to meet and exceed electrical safety testing specifications in the US and around the globe.

Ground Bond Testers

The Ground Bond test is used to verify the integrity of a DUT’s earth ground conductor. Our high current AC Ground Bond testers assure compliance with design/type testing specifications and provide an extra level of confidence when determining product safety.


Multi-Function Testers

Our multi-function testers increase productivity and save valuable space on the production line. Simplify your electrical safety testing requirements by using a SCI tester that can perform all your required tests in a convenient, one-box solution.


Insulation Resistance Testers

The Insulation Resistance test is used to determine the total resistance of a DUT’s insulation. Our Insulation Resistance testers verify your DUT has adequate insulation to prevent hazardous insulation breakdown.


Leakage Current Testers

The Leakage Current test is used to determine the amount of current that flows through the insulation of a DUT during operation. Our Leakage Current tester determines if your product is operating in compliance with leakage current standards.