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Quick Start Videos Get your tester up and running
quickly and easily with our simple step-by-step
Quick Start Guides We made our Quick Start Guides simpler than ever. Featuring visual step-by-step instructions and easy menu visuals, you'll be up and testing in minutes!
Also check out our Manuals, Speci cations and Whitepapers.
Trade-In Policy
Be sure to check out our
Brush up on the basics of Electrical
Safety Testing with useful information like safe workstation best practices, application speci c test information, and more!
Don’t leave an old, broken, or unused tester lying around – trade it in for huge savings! We o er a generous trade-in discount of up to $400 o  the cost of a new SCI tester. All trade-ins are always recycled!
We accept ALL TESTERS in any condition, of ANY BRAND, MAKE, or MODEL.
At SCI we strive for reducing the environmental footprint of the manufacturing industry in every way. From the trade-in testers we recycle, to the LED energy e cient bulbs we have throughout our facility, we care about our impact and work to minimize our e ect on the environment.

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