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We have several adapter box con gurations available to meet the broad needs of our customers. An adapter box allows for safe and easy testing of line cord-terminated products. Simply connect the adapter box to the tester and then plug the DUT into the adapter box. Adapter boxes are available for most test instruments in multiple country con gurations.
Our test veri cation box solutions are a go / no-go daily test veri cation designed to ensure that the failure detectors
of an SCI electrical safety tester are functioning properly. These boxes were designed to verify AC and DC Hipot
test functionality (the TVB-2 also has Ground Bond test functionality), making it the ideal solution for manufacturers who are required to conduct daily veri cations on their
test equipment.
TVB-1 Compatible Models: All Hipot Testers TVB-2 Compatible Models: All Testers
Adapter Box
99-10001-01 99-10005-01 99-10467-01
Universal Receptacle Box High Voltage Universal Receptacle Box High Current Universal Receptacle Box HC/HV/LLT
Used With
290 Series
264, 4000 Series 6000 Series
The RTB is a Remote Test and Reset Control Box. It comes in two di erent con gurations: RTB-01 and RTB-02. Both models utilize the connection of Remote Input/Output on the back of all compatible SCI testers and can be used to initiate and reset a test. The RTB-02 has an additional feature (LED’s) which allow the operator to monitor the PASS, FAIL and PROCESSING signals.
RTB-01 Compatible Models: 290 Series, 260 Series, 4000 Series, 6000 Series, 2200 Series RTB-02 Compatible Models: 290 Series, 260 Series, 4000 Series, 6000 Series
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