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Setting up a Safe Workstation
Safety Made Simple®
DUT Safety Enclosure
This is wired to the Hipot tester’s Remote Safety Interlock. This protects you from touching the DUT while a test is in progress. If the enclosure door is opened, the tester’s high voltage is immediately disabled.
Signal Tower Light
Gives an indication as to the status of
the testing area. A green light indicates the Hipot tester is not outputting high voltage and the test area is safe. A red light indicates that the Hipot tester is active and to stay clear of the test area.
Non-Conductive Work Bench
Only use a work bench made of non- conductive material such as plastic or wood. This ensures no stray leakage current could flow through you during a test.
One of the best ways to prevent injury is to ensure that your test station is set up safely and securely. Test stations can be setup with or without direct protection depending on your requirements. Direct protection means that the operator cannot physically come into contact with an energized DUT while a test is running.
Hipot Tester
Tester used to test the DUT.
Test Operator
Emergency Stop Button
Located on the perimeter of the test area. In the event of an emergency, someone outside the test area can hit the E-Stop button to immediately cut off power to the entire test station.
Dual Palm Remote Switches
Two hand operation switches force the operator to place a hand on each switch and hold them throughout the test.
The palm switches should be placed at least 21.6" (550mm) apart to prevent the operator from one hand activation of both switches.
NEC (National Electric Code) & NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency
Stipulate that any unqualified workers shall not come within 10' of an EXPOSED energized circuit.
High Voltage Insulation Mat
This isolates you from ground which provides an additional means of protection when operating high voltage equipment.
Warning Sign
Mark the testing area with a clearly posted sign that reads: DANGER - HIGH VOLTAGE TEST AREA. AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY.

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